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2022-06-02 08:29:08 By : Mr. Jacky Cai

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Muc-off has announced it is providing a new “pro-level chain optimisation service” that utilises new ultrasonic clean and lube tanks, making drivetrain efficiency accessible to all riders - well, as long as you can get to one of the select dealers offering the “World Tour-level” performance service. 

Using Muc-Off’s Ultrasonic Tanks, the chain goes through an intense cleaning and lubing treatment that’s claimed to 'level up' drivetrain performance. It's targetted at those looking to fully optimise for events.

As well as the tank hardware, Muc-Off’s High-Performance Ultrasonic Chain Cleaner, High-Pressure Quick Drying Degreaser and Ludicrous AF or Hydrodynamic lube make up the process.

Muc-Off just recently released Ludicrous AF lube, which it claims is “the world’s fastest lube”, offering 18% less power consumption than the nearest competitor according to Muc-Off.

“The chain is placed into the tank, which emits high-frequency sound waves that pulse through the cleaning liquid,” Muc-Off explains. “This agitates, lifts and removes any dirt out from within the chain links, which, after a blast from the High-Pressure Quick Drying Degreaser, leaves squeaky-clean surfaces for the lube to adhere to.”

Then comes the lubrication process. Muc-Off says that the Ludicrous AF or Hydrodynamic lube (the latter is the cheaper option) are gently heated to the precise temperature required to create the “optimum viscosity for the lube to penetrate deep into all contact points within the chain links." 

“The lubricants themselves contain organic friction modifiers, which with their polarised heads and non-polarised tails, attach themselves to either side of the base oil’s surface to form a low-friction shear plane,” Muc-Off explains.

“It’s this combination of formulation and application which results in reduced friction, increasing the amount of watts making it through the drivetrain, and therefore the rear wheel.”

Real-world testing and development was carried out with an elite triathlete from the BMC Pro-Triathlon team. By swapping out the existing chain for a new, optimised one, Muc-Off claims its process delivered a 50% reduction in power loss, which powered the triathlete to a 2nd place finish at an Ironman event according to Muc-Off. We're going to bet that there were multiple reasons why this triathlete performed well in their race, but an optimised chain can't have hurt. 

The chain was then returned and re-optimised, causing the coefficient of friction to be reduced by a further 10%, says Muc-Off... and whaddaya know, our pro triathlete went one better and won their next Ironman. Afterwards, another 5% improvement was claimed to have been squeezed out of the chain, “as the compound effect of the optimisation process means the chain simply keeps getting faster each time,” Muc-Off claims. 

To get your chain ultrasonically cleaned and lubed, you’ll have to head to a select dealer. This service is currently available in over 20 bike shops across the UK; and to make sure no triathletes lose their spot on the podium because they might not live in a convenient location, Muc-Off says a further 300 stores in over 15 countries will also be rolling it out from next month.

You can find your closest authorised chain optimisation dealer over here.

Muc-Off’s new Ultrasonic Optimisation Service is priced at £49.99 for application with Ludicrous AF, and £24.99 with Hydrodynamic Lube.

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