Prevent corrosion-related costs with Franklin Fueling Systems’ innovative Corrosion Control™ System

2022-06-02 08:23:17 By : Mr. Alex Song

Even the smallest amount of water or moisture in a fuel system can cause corrosion, resulting in significant disruptions to your business. Franklin Fueling Systems’ Corrosion Control System offers a proactive system solution to address corrosion before it develops.

Corrosion is one of those problems that can keep any retailer awake at night. The thought that even the smallest amount of water or moisture can be the cause of higher maintenance costs, downtime, service malfunction or even equipment replacement, can be a daunting thought for any owner of a service station. With Franklin Fueling Systems’ Corrosion Control System retailers now have an effective tool to address this type of threat. Its innovative design, integrated solutions and solid performance make it the reliable answer for diesel tanks and gasoline containment sump corrosion-related problems.


Keep active and automated vigilance

The system removes water and moisture, the source of corrosion, before it can develop in tanks and on equipment inside containment sumps. This is possible thanks to the EVO™ Series Automatic Tank Gauge, which provides automated control and monitoring for the entire system. Paired with the Corrosion Control Water Separator, it proactively removes water from diesel tanks to prevent corrosion-related problems in the fueling system. The Multiplexing Sensor Hub is ideal for adding the Corrosion Control components to an existing site by utilizing an existing 4-wire probe to connect up to 6 devices without the need to break concrete to run additional cable.

Additional key components of the Corrosion Control System are the Corrosion Detection Sensor that monitors for a corrosive atmosphere in the ullage space of the underground storage tank, and the Desiccant Pack and Sensor which proactively remove moisture from the gasoline containment to prevent in-sump equipment corrosion. These solutions are critical to keeping your fuel system running without needing to worry about potential corrosive atmospheres developing within them. Additionally, the Advanced Protection Submersible Turbine Pump is e-coated and has stainless steel components, protecting the submersible against in-tank and in-sump corrosion-causing moisture.

Thanks to the recently launched Low Level Water Float for Diesel, the system can detect tank water levels down to ¼”, compared to existing water floats which can only detect water at ¾”. It can detect just 4 gallons of water in an 8’ x 8,000-gallon tank, a 69% reduction from an existing standard float. This alerts station owners faster so they can react before just a small amount of water starts to cause corrosion. The Low Level Water Float for Diesel can be paired with Franklin Fueling’s Corrosion Control System for an added layer of protection from water in the diesel fuel system.

“For years, water at the bottom of a tank had a negligible effect on a diesel fuel system. That changed in recent years when the fuel composition was altered, leading to widespread corrosion caused by water in tanks. With our new Low Level Water Float we’re now able to understand when water is coming in at a much lower level than before,” says Mark Seitz, Senior Product Manager of Fuel Management Systems for Franklin Fueling Systems.

Systems can run at top performance avoiding costly maintenance, equipment replacement, downtime or even system failure caused by excessive corrosion. With end-to-end systems that can be paired together for a complete solution, the Corrosion Control System can prevent retailers and marketers unexpected extra costs caused by corrosion-related problems.

Improve your business today by implementing the Corrosion Control System at your site.

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