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AZoSensors speaks with Yuhan Huang from the University of Technology Sydney about his research into the development of on-road remote sensing technology that can rapidly and accurately identify high-emitting vehicles.

We speak with Okan Atalar about new research that could one day allow simple cameras, such as those on smartphones, to see the world in 3D.

AZoSensors speaks with Niraj K. Jha from the Electrical and Computer Engineering faculty at Princeton University. This interview explores the research proposing a framework called CovidDeep. CovidDeep combines efficient deep neural networks with commercially available wearable medical sensors for pe

The MCT469-SF Washdown is a compatible on-line NIR Sensor designed for continuous moisture and constituent measurement. It is ideal for washdown conditions in the food industry.

The MX 256 is a new control unit, completely digital, aimed at making the detection and measurement of gases easier. It can also be used for the processing of any digital signal from digital sensors (OLCT 10N types), and more.

Columbia Models SI-702AI and SI-702AIHP are biaxial force balance inclinometers designed with an output circuit configuration made for use in 4–20 mA data transmission systems. - An AZoNetwork Site

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