How to find sludge in Rainbow Six Extraction

2022-06-25 07:22:17 By : Mr. Bill ZenithMachinery

When you need to find sludge in Rainbow Six Extraction, it’s nowhere to be seen. When you don’t need sludge, they’re everywhere.

Finding sludge in Rainbow Six Extraction is a mixed experience. Unfortunately, finding it relies on good RNG. However, there are a few tricks you can take advantage of to improve your chances of coming across sludge.

Getting sludge to appear is linked entirely to RNG (random number generator). It’s like rolling dice; the RNG must land on the correct number. If it lands below a threshold, then there’s very little or zero sludge that spawns, and vice versa.

The first easy but tedious task is relaunching Rainbow Six Extraction. Again, there’s RNG involved with the spawning of sludge. By relaunching the game, it will roll again and hopefully give you a better outcome.

You can do the same by leaving a mission and restarting. However, a better alternative would be to complete an objective first — that way, you’re at least collecting rewards and, it isn’t for nothing — then restart the entire mission.

Once you’ve restarted the mission or game, you’ll need one of two items:

Pulse is a REACT operator that has the cardiac sensor in Rainbow Six Extraction. When used, it can detect Archaean physiology. That makes him an excellent choice for locating sludge if or rather when it finally spawns. Even better, he’s the first operator unlocked by default.

Another option is to use scan grenades. They have the same effect as Pulse’s cardiac sensor but in grenade form. It’s the worse of the two options due to the limited nature of scan grenades. Since Pulse is already unlocked, he’s the preferred method.

Now, prepare a mission, like this:

Step 1: Pick a mission to play, preferably those that include buildings and solo, as there’s no need for multiplayer. San Francisco Studies, using Tenderloin squad deployment, seems like a good spot.

Step 2: When selecting the threat level, choose Critical.

Step 3: Select the easiest objective.

Step 4: Head into the building.

Step 5: Throw scan grenades or use the cardiac sensor. The sludge will appear on walls and the ceiling.

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