Cement slurry 2m 4-20mA guided wave radar level sensor

Cement Slurry 2M 4-20Ma Guided Wave Radar Level Sensor                                               

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Cement Slurry 2m 4-20mA Guided Wave Radar Level Sensor
Cement Slurry 2M 4-20Ma Guided Wave Radar Level Sensor

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     Water tank radar level sensor antenna microwave pulse is narrow, the downward transmission antenna. Microwave exposure to the medium surface is reflected back again by the antenna system receives, sends the signal to the electronic circuit automatically converted into level signals (because the microwave propagation speed, electromagnetic wave to reach the target and the reflected back to the receiver this time is almost instantaneous).

    This series of radar level sensor adopted 26G high frequency radar sensor, the maximum measurement range can reach up to 70 meters. Antenna is optimized further processing, the new fast microprocessors have higher speed and efficiency can be done signal analysis, the instrumentation can be used for reactor, solid silo and very complex measurement environment.
    The CX-RLM-806 water tank radar level sensor,the medium is liquid ,could measure the Corrosive liquids.The frequency is 26G,so with higher accuracy.
   The CX-RLM-808 water tank radar level sensor ,the medium is liquid(measure range :70m) andsolid .But measure range is less than 55m.The 808 Model with Multidirectional flange.


 Radar Lever Meter---Basic Production Information
 Frequency 6.8GHz  ;   26GHz
 Beam Angle 
  Model Beam Angle
 081 ; 082 24°
 08314°;16°;20°(according to the size of connection)
 805 22°
 806 ;807 8°;12°;18°
 808;809 6°;8°;12°
 Measuring range

 0~35m or 0~70m 

 Repeatability +/-2mm
 Resolution 1mm
 SamplingEcho Sampling 55times/S 
 Responding speed >0.2S
 Output 4~20mA
 Accuracy 0.1% accuracy
 Antenna material Model Material
  081 PP or PTFE
 082;805 PTFE
 083;806 SS316L
 807;808;809 SS316L
 Communication HART/RS485/MODBUS
  Model Size of Connection
 Power Supply 24V DC(+/-10%) Ripple voltage:1Vpp 
 Enviroment Temperature:-40~70ºC;Pressure:-1...40Bar 
 Exploson  Exia 2 CT6 
 Protection IP67
 Electrical Interface Double M20*1.5 or Double 1/2NPT
Cement Slurry 2m 4-20mA Guided Wave Radar Level Sensor
Cement Slurry 2m 4-20mA Guided Wave Radar Level SensorCement Slurry 2m 4-20mA Guided Wave Radar Level Sensor


1. Installation Location

  • The distance from tank to level meter must more than 1/6 diameter of tank;
  • The min distance from the tank wall is 300mm;
  • Can not installa the level meter on the top of feed inlet;
  • Can not installa the radar level meter at central location;
  • Within the signal beam,there should be no installation.

2.Guide wave installation

  • Do not tilt the antenna to the pipe wall;
  • To min temperature effects,pls installa the washer at the flange connection;
  • The rod antenna must have a short pole at the launch of the radar;
  • Vertical antenna rod, do not let the radar wave pointing to the tank wall.

3.Intelligent radar level meter installation

  • Should installa the level meter at 1/4 or 1/6 diameter;
  • Bell mouth alignment level surface is sloped pls adjust the angle of flange.

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Cement Slurry 2m 4-20mA Guided Wave Radar Level Sensor


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