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MANSFIELD, Texas , June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Master Meter, a world leader in the field of water measurement solutions and services, has expanded its distribution partnership with HydroPro Solutions, provider of best-in-class solutions to water utilities. In addition to its Texas branch, HydroPro Solutions will now serve as Master Meter's exclusive distributor in California .

With over 90 years of combined industry experience, HydroPro Solutions is uniquely positioned to understand the day-to-day challenges faced by utilities while strengthening the protection of water utility network operations, enhancing employee safety, and improving the efficiency of day-to-day procedures. In California , where water supply challenges are exacerbated by water scarcity, HydroPro Solutions' expertise in improving infrastructure and water conservation will help address the state's most critical concerns.

Given Master Meter's focus on the future of water management with meters, software, and systems designed to help utility customers of any size reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and promote water stewardship through empowering conservation, expanding its relationship with HydroPro Solutions as an exclusive distributor in California is an ideal match.

"On behalf of HydroPro Solutions I would like to share my excitement to grow our Premier Partnership with Master Meter into California ," said Derek Chester , president of HydroPro Solutions California. "We are excited to support existing and new Master Meter customers and grow the level of support for our utility partner's success!"

"HydroPro Solutions has a proven track record of providing products and services which address water utilities' most difficult challenges," said Tim Hanes , executive vice president for Master Meter. "We're excited to have HydroPro Solutions as our exclusive distributor in all of California ."

As an exclusive distributor, HydroPro Solutions can provide the entire Master Meter family of metering, data acquisition, and data management technologies to its California utility customers — with a focus on understanding the utility's challenges and goals to best tailor the right mix of these technologies for the most benefit.

HydroPro Solutions is a Texas -based organization dedicated to delivering real world solutions for utilities including AMR/AMI metering systems, distribution network monitoring as well as advanced reporting and analytics. Website: hydroprosolutions.com.

Master Meter, a subsidiary of Israel -based Arad LTD, provides North American water utilities with precise digital measurement, data delivery, and water management software that optimizes revenue, improves efficiencies, and promotes water stewardship through enhanced customer engagement. Website: www.mastermeter.com.

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