ENPRO TM is a member of ENPRO Group. And we are located in Chongqing China as our headquarter is located Chongqing as well.

We are a global distributor and supply the world with different kind of products.

TM's speciality is wholesales, Merchandise for exports.

We working close direct with the factories to get the best solutions/options and best prices to our clients.

TM has an experienced team who will help you to choose the best products and support you all the way from request to clients destination.

​All people involved in our organization, including our suppliers, must be aware of and share our core values, where transparency, reliability and speedy communication are some of the key words!

Exceed expectations

  • We should always try to perform better than what is expected from us.

  • Our business model holds us accountable for achieving results – we must always produce an added value and constantly improve ourselves to exceed the expectations of our customers.

  • We should be the best and most reliable  partner anyone can ask for.

Easily accessible

  • Everybody in our organization should be easy to get hold of.

  • If the responsible person is not available, someone else should handle the matter.


Clear, speedy and transparent information

  • All information, good or bad, should immediately be available for all involved so that accurate decisions can be made.

  • All tasks given to us should be supervised and replied to without delay.

  • We should be simple and straightforward in our communication to avoid misunderstandings.

  • All information which is not bound by confidentiality should be transparent and open

Team spirit and creativity

  • We should encourage individual initiatives and stimulate creative thinking.

  • We should have a positive team spirit and act to create a positive working atmosphere.

At E-TM , good thinking is a deeply rooted philosophy that guides us in everything we do. We believe that good thinking makes good solutions to challenges we all face. Good thinking is not only about making life simpler and more comfortable for you as our customer.

It's also a matter of thinking in a global perspective , all the time. Knowing that we are helping to make the world a better place